Sleepy with a desire for coffee and Nutella bread on your way to work in the morning. In the evening, hungry for brains back home?

Take on the role of a nondescript worker infected with the zombie virus by his self-aggrandising, space-travelling, union-busting billionaire boss in a questionable labour and human rights experiment. The little green squares they fed you were supposed to make you even more efficient by wiping out your hunger forever, but they have awakened a new hunger in you. Now it's up to you to free yourself and your workmates.

Sneak your way through a varied game world and infect everyone you can to grow your zombie horde into a superior force and show your boss that he is no god. Sneak Zombie is a quirky real-time tactics game with a zombie horde feature. Sneak up on your opponents sneak up on your opponents, infect them and experience the satisfaction of returning as a powerful to return. Classic real-time tactics, spiced up with battle strategy elements, humour, an adventurous storyline adventurous story and a hunger for brains!

Ein Spiel von Max Schindele und Rainer Schicht